Considered a "vanguard" by Earmilk magazine, and a "cinematic mastermind" by Dancing Astronaut, Nick Kaelar, 28, is constantly expanding not just the boundaries of his own creation process, but of the music itself. A classically trained musician and overall kingpin of Kaelar can be found dominating any scene - whether it's writing, producing, and arranging #1 K-Pop singleslar



"Nick is extremely bleeding edge, constantly surprising me with how much he desires to push the envelope of sound." - Ricardo Almeida, Music Director at Electronic Arts


"Nick is a unique composer who delivers professional quality material in a timely manner" - Nick Phoenix, Two Steps From Hell


"In a scene that is plagued by the "copycat" mentality, Varien has always been true to his unique and diverse sound. I'm proud to call him a trusted colleague and one of my best friends." - Mike Darlington, CEO of Monstercat


"Saying that Varien is a vanguard is a HUGE understatement" - EARMILK Magazine


"Nick is one of the fastest growing talents I have seen - he has the rare shine. He also possesses a great sense of what is current and what is coming - yet more importantly he is a fantastic collaborator - always on time and no messing around" - Troels Folmann, CEO of 8dio


"An orchestral genius!" - Skrillex

"His incredible skills aside, Nick is one of the friendliest and best people I've ever had the privliage to work with. He becomes one with the creative process and is unafraid to challange the norm in every way." - Raphael Arkera, CEO of Blue Pulse Studios